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The book in a nutshell:

I’ve watched a whole generation get brainwashed by thinking of starting their own business is the ONLY way to get rich.

In reality, 1 in 4 millionaires have worked “Gateway Jobs” inside of a company to build their fortunes.

I even got caught up in it, and did the cliche “quit my job and become an entrepreneur.” My most successful business venture profited about $72,000….but that took about 7 years to realize. Divided out by 7 years that would put my income below the poverty level! HOORAY STARTING A BUSINESS! ← (insert sarcasm)

Feeling like a failure, I decided to get a “job” to support myself. I had no real skills, so I got a “Gateway Job” as a Sales Development Representative (a fancy title for “meeting setter”), but by doing this I got mentorship, sales training, and shockingly made over $100,000 in my first year. This “Gateway Job” taught me far more than my business ever did (not to mention paid me far more).

This opened my eyes into this highly-paid, highly-in-demand world of technology. I watched these technology “Gateway Jobs” rocket people from:

  1. Austine started as a marketing intern at Uber, now she’s on the executive team of a $50billion company. 
  2. Jim went from a customer support rep wearing a phone headset all day, to moving up the company ladder, to getting a juicy exit when the company IPO’d. 
  3. Karina went from Macy’s retail, moved up to sales development, and now has a six-figure a year job as a senior renewals account manager.

What will readers Learn?
By the end of this book you will have a solid idea of which “Gateway Job” will be the best way to break into (and have a successful & lucrative career) in industries such as marketing, sales, finance, operations, IT, legal, development, product management, customer support, and HR.

PART 1: Showing why technology is the best industry to get into, and 12 examples of people who got a small “Gateway Job” than landed their Dream Job. Includes interviews, numbers, and a “Gateway Job Flow Chart” for each career path.

PART 2: We dig up and find 1-5 Gateway Jobs for each industry including marketing, sales, finance, operations, IT, legal, development, product management, customer support, and HR.

PART 3: We then show you HOW to get your first “Gateway Job” with actual scripts, and tips on how to position your resume and skills. 

I’ve seen far to many people automatically discount getting a job because they think you have to be a Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk kind of character to get rich. 

This books shows that getting a job in tech can be the fastest way to learn skills, meet smart people, and future-proof your income and career…..and show the exact roadmap to getting there.

My inspiration for this book was when my wife moved out to San Francisco with me, and within 3 years go from a blank resume to working a lucrative job at Facebook. I've personally seen how our lives has changed after breaking into this industry. 

Now I’d like to impart this knowledge to the world…and by simply buying one copy of this book, you can be a part of that change. 

Irwin Ki 

P.S. If you know anyone who could use some help finding their “Gateway Job” please send them this link. Thank you!

BUY NOW on Amazon!!!

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