My HERO's journey

Here’s my story.

After a month at NC State I knew deep down that I’d picked the wrong major: civil engineering—you know, doing stuff with bridges, highways, and surveys. I felt trapped and stuck (barely passing with a GPA of 2.1). But, my parents and mentors advised me that an engineering degree would “hold up better” than a business degree.

As the months turned into semesters, I knew I had to figure out what I wanted to do. My dissatisfaction with my major, combined with the clock counting down to graduation, led me to accelerate my exploration of jobs, internships, and life experiences, all in an attempt at finding the career path that was right for me.

Real estate agent, civil engineer, loan officer, entrepreneur—I tried on all these hats. Some I wore for longer than others. I even went overseas to see how a CEO lived. I moved to the Canary Islands and worked as a day trader and poker player.

By my final semester of college—I’d...

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