YouTube has humbled me - 6 lessons learned

Uncategorized May 03, 2019

Whew! It's been a while since I've been humbled like this. 

I've felt anxiety, fear of failure, angst and ultimately humility these past few weeks. 

Here's the GOOD NEWS! I'm learning a new skill and learning a lot:

  1. It's the watch time NOT the # of views that matter to YouTube's algorithm.
  2. Key is to create engaging content (Entertainment, educational, ideally both!)
    • I need to add more energy, cutscenes, broll, camera zooms to keep attention.
    • Also, need to create more content that users are searching for.
  3. Video should "Hook" get to the point, followed by the middle and end.
  4. Good thumbnails = good click through
  5. Good content = watch through
  6. Great content = "suggested" by the YouTube algorithms = hyper growth

Either way, I'm having a blast working with my friends and helping people. Instead of emailing every new post I figured I'd do a monthly recap. If you like/don't like a video pls feel free to let me know...always open to constructive criticism. 

If you want to see the evolution of the channel subscribing here will get you my weekly Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts!

Most rewarding comment: "I saw your video on how to break into investment banking, and thought it was really great! I also subscribed to the channel as well. Thank you for doing this!"

Here's to chasing dreams! Irwin

April's episodes from newest:

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  7. LIVE inside sales salary negotiation $10,000 in 1 phone call 
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    1. Part 2 & Review  was it worth it?
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