Helped Shane earn $10k more in a 1 hour call


Helped Megan land her 1st interview!


Breakthroughs can happen over dinner!


"Having managed a team of high performing sales guys at BladeLogic, Irwin demonstrates all the qualities a manager looks for when assembling a team of future sales leaders and individual/team contributors. Irwin's strong sense of urgency, attention to detail, empathy and (often overlooked) listening skills set him apart from the pack. Irwin is an asset to the organization, and his work ethic and dedication to the team he supports is apparent and well deserved. He's on a steep trajectory." "

Brian Scott
Cloud Automation Specialist @BMC

"Irwin was extremely professional and easy to work with. He went the extra mile at each point in our onboarding to Okta and made the transition very smooth for us and helped us quickly work through any issues that arose during set up. He continues to be a valuable resource in helping us get the maximum value out of the system across multiple platforms."

Eric Potter
Director Of Innovation @Waterton

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